ZACK MIRZA – Magic Promo Video

Zack Mirza is a Toronto based Magician & Illusionist who has been making big waves in the local street magic scene throughout the past year. During the summer months you’ll often catch him boggling minds on any busy local street-corner or impressing the evening crowds at venues such as The Drake Hotel.

I’m pleased to bring you the premiere of his brand new promo video directed by Philip Sportel. Also after the jump you’ll find the original sample photo by yours truly and the illustrated graphic that followed suit. Styling done by Nomad Toronto, Graphics by Liam Thurston and Illustrations by Zack Mirza himself.

Expect to see a lot more from Zack in the coming months including a brand new web series on his site


One response to “ZACK MIRZA – Magic Promo Video

  1. Zack,
    You are Quick, Slick & Amazing!! and you make it look so easy!
    Loved your promo video.
    Judy Al-Samadi.

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